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If you haven’t made a Will, your assets (money, property, jewellery, etc) could go to the person you least want to have them, such as an ex-spouse, or even the taxman. GlossLegal provide the UK´s premier solicitor checked online Will writing service. The advantages of making a Will online compared to traditional Will writing providers are the convenience, privacy, flexibility, and cost. The times you should make a Will, or update a Will:

  • Marriage, living with a partner, divorce, or family bereavement.
  • Children – if you haven’t appointed guardians, the probate court decides who looks after them!
  • Buying or moving house.
  • Change in financial circumstances.
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Recent Making a Will Questions

I currently have a life insurance policy. The policy doesn't include the details of specific benefactors. I would like any lump sum to be paid to my partner, who is not legally my next of kin. Can such detail be included in the will and would it be legally binding?

If your partner is the Main Beneficiary in your Will then all property, which also includes life policy proceeds not distributed under trust arrangement i.e. specifically named in policy, will receive the policy proceeds. The policy does not need to be named in the Will.

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