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Things You Need To Know When Making A Will Online

Why making Wills and Will writing is important!
Making a Will is one of the most important things that you can do for your loved ones and ensures your wishes are followed after your death. Read more about Will writing service

What is a Will
A Will is a legal document which you create to give directions for the distribution of your estate (property, assets, etc) on death. Read more about online Wills

Who can witness a Will
Witnesses are persons who see an event and are prepared to confirm it happened. Read more about witnessing an online Will

7 ways to help ageing parents with their finances
There are a number of questions you can ask to help understand your parents' financial security without appearing too forceful. Read more about Finances & Wills

Are online Wills legal?
GlossLegal have developed their unique online Will service using decades of legal experience of the founders and by using advanced technology. Read more about online Wills

Are all my assets & property covered in an online Will?
The answer is yes, but read moreabout online Wills

Beneficiaries in an Online Will
Beneficiary is the term used to describe a person who has been left a gift in a Will. Read more about online Wills

Can a Will be contested or challenged?
If a Will is not made correctly in accordance with the Wills Act 1837, then the government will fail to recognise it as a valid Will. Read more contesting a Will

Make a Will Online
A Will is therefore a very important document and everyone over the age of 18 years should make one. Read more about making a Will online

Legal Guardians
Guardians are persons appointed by the parents of minor children to look after those children, when both parents have died. Read more about legal guardians

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