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Sir Gerry Robinson's new BBC Two series examines the conflicts that can arise because of the prickly issue of inheritance.

Deciding who gets what in a Will can be one of the toughest choices anyone can have to make. But making no decisions at all and dying without a Will can cause rifts that tear families apart. Sir Gerry Robinson helps families torn over what to write in their Wills.

A majority of people in this country die without leaving a valid Will - which can cause turmoil and expense for loved ones. Writing a Will is the best way to pass on your belongings and money after your death.

What happens if you die without a valid Will?

If you die without leaving a valid Will, your estate will be divided up according to the Intestacy rules that are set by law. These rules are complicated, and not always satisfactory in the way they apply. If your estate is relatively small, your children may not inherit anything at all. Conversely, if it is a large estate, your husband or wife may find themselves inheriting far less than they expected.

These rules also do not take account of the make-up of many modern families: unmarried co-habitees and step-children are not provided for at all.

Watch Sir Gerry Robinson on 'Can't Take It With You on BBC Two'.

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