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Can a Will be Contested or Challenged?

What happens if a Will is not made Correctly?

If a Will is not made correctly, e.g. if it has not been signed in accordance with the Wills Act 1837 in front of two adult independent witnesses present at the same time, or if it has been tampered with or makes no sense, then the government (a division of the High Court - Probate Registry) will fail to recognise it as a valid Will. The government will not issue a 'certificate' Grant of Probate which the Executors / Trustees require to authorise their appointment and carry out the instructions in the Will. In this situation a 'previous' Will might be seen as the valid Will, or if there is no 'previous' Will the person who has died is said to be intestate (they have no valid document to say what happens to their property on their death) and the administration and distribution of the estate is carried out in accordance with government 'Intestacy Rules' which are inflexible and take no account of any personal preferences or desires.

Apart from a Will not being accepted as valid by the Probate Registry, a Will can always be challenged / contested by those who feel there may be fraud or undue influence. There could also be a potential claim from a spouse, civil partner, partner and minor children / dependants if they feel there is not 'reasonable financial provision' under the relevant Inheritance Tax Act.

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