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Don’t I need a Solicitor to Make a Will?

No, you do NOT need a solicitor or to go to a solicitor's firm to draft a Will. However, it is important to be guided over the process of making a Will, as we do at GlossLegal, and for the document to be correctly worded, constructed logically and be clear.

To be legally binding, the Will needs to be signed in accordance with our clear instructions in front of two competent adult witnesses. The witnesses do not need to be solicitors. They must not, however, be potential beneficiaries of your Will, or directly related to a beneficiary.

Will it be legal - do I need to worry? The Wills produced by GlossLegal have been developed by qualified Trust & Estate Solicitors with decades of experience, who are substantially more qualified than Willwriters. Using technology, the costs of making high quality Will documents has been substantially reduced, but not at a compromise to safety. As long as instructions are entered carefully and signing procedures followed closely, your Will will be valid, and it is in the correct format to be acceptable to UK Probate Courts. Some other Will sites allow you to download a document, print and probably staple it, and hope the Probate court will accept it after your death which is not advisable.

Every Will document purchased from GlossLegal is checked by a qualified Trust & Estates solicitor, not just a qualified Willwriter which gives you complete peace of mind.

When should I use a solicitor? Legal advice is required when there are circumstances and issues for which customers need specific legal answers / solutions. Such instances typically arise where there are business / agricultural assets to consider, foreign elements or where England & Wales is not your permanent home, and multiple Wills to cover property located in different countries might be appropriate.

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