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Dying without a Will. What happens if I do not have a Will?

Will Facts

  • One in three people die in the UK without making a Will, potentially leaving family and friends with confusion and costly legal battles!
  • 28 million people in the UK don't have a Will who should!
  • Research shows that two-thirds of parents with children under 18 haven't got round to writing a Will yet!
  • Wills should always be updated if there is any change in your circumstances, e.g. if you marry, divorce or have children.

Without a Will, you will leave your loved ones with far more work to do after your death and it is highly likely that your possessions will not be distributed the way you want. With no recognised document for the administration or distribution of your possessions, your family will not have control.

Instead, the government has laid down rules (called intestacy rules) which state who has formal authority to act on the administration of your estate (known as Administrators as opposed to Executors who are named in a Will). The government intestacy rules also stipulate who will receive / inherit. It is unlikely this will match your own thoughts and it typically results in negative tax consequences, heartache, and lost time and money. A partner may not receive anything, a house could be split, children receive at the age of 18 and other wishes may not be followed.

To make sure you have a valid Will, it should be drafted properly, bound and signed in front of 2 witnesses - GlossLegal supply a quality bound legal Will document, reviewed by a solicitor and mailed to you with proper signing instructions.

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