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Making a Will to ensure that your assets go to the intended people upon your death is incredibly important. However, many people forget to keep their documents in a safe place.

A recent survey by Standard Life has found that half of the UK’s adults have no Will, with the majority claiming that they just “hadn’t got round to it yet”. The research revealed that 60% of 35-44 year olds don’t have a Will, while 38% of 45-54 year olds and more than a fifth of those over 65 are also without a Will.

People who have not made a Will tend to make assumptions that their family will benefit when they die. Dying without a Will (intestate) means that the distribution of assets (estate) will be decided by the courts, with the result that it’s highly unlikely that your money will end up where you’d like it to.

As an example, if you live in England and Wales, you’re married or in a civil partnership with children, your husband or wife will only receive the first £250,000. They will be entitled to a life interest on half of the remainder but they can’t spend it. The rest will go to your children. If the estate is worth less than £250,000, the children will get nothing.

If you’re married or in a civil partnership without children, then the figures are based on £450,000.

The situation is more complicated still if you are not married or in a civil partnership but are living together. Here, dying intestate could potentially leave your partner with nothing.

It is also essential to review and update your Will should your circumstances or contents of your estate change over time. Changes such as getting married, moving house, getting divorced or having children, should encourage you to review your Will.

glossLegal provides an online Will writing service using our own bespoke technology. All Wills are checked by a solicitor before approval and we have a full telephone and email support service. The advantages of making a Will online are cost, convenience, privacy and flexibility.

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