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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which you create to give directions for the distribution of the assets / your property (also commonly called your Estate) you own on death to Beneficiaries. The Will indicates who will manage your estate (the Executor(s) of your Will) and, if need be, appoints Guardians to look after minor children when both parents have died.

A Will is therefore a very important document and everyone over the age of 18 years should make one. It provides certainty and comfort to those who survive. Dying without making a Will (Intestate) can leave your loved ones without anything and more to the Government!

For a Will to be effective and recognised by the UK government it must conform to certain legal conditions (as per the Wills Act 1837) and be signed by the person (testator) making the Will in front of two adult independent witnesses present at the same time.

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