Make a Will Online with GlossLegal

Before You Start Making a Will Online & Solicitor Checked

Our unique online Will writing questionnaire is very easy to use. The 4 key things you’ll need to consider before starting to make a Will online are as follows:

  • Step 1
    Who is going to look after your assets and property in the event of your death – known as an Executor e.g. a spouse, relation or close friend? You’ll need to name at least two people, and a substitute executor for the other parent if you have young child(ren).
  • Step 2
    Who are the main beneficiaries…. At glossLegal we provide you with four options – If you name children as beneficiaries then we add grandchildren just in case, and you should name substitutes as a further precautionary measure.
  • Step 3
    Do you want to leave any specific items (jewelry, furniture etc.) and any money gifts to relations, charity or friends?
  • Step 4
    Do you have any special funeral wishes? (this section is entirely optional)

Try to get the full names and addresses for each individual to be named, although we have a click through to postcode finder to help you.

Start Making a Will
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